Physical security information management made for critical infrastructure

Modern and highly sophisticated security systems gives you a lot of information’s that operator need to process. For each system operators should be trained separately. Information from security systems can be found by using various programs on computers or even boards and keyboards somewhere in the company. In the flood of such information, it is impossible to decide quickly and qualitatively on measures.

Alarm-PSIM connecting all security solutions into one unique user interface.


Having one place for events from all security systems is crucial for operators to react fast accurate and respond in the right way. ALARM-PSIM connecting:

  • fire alarm systems,
  • burglary and panic alarm systems,
  • medical alarm systems,
  • video surveillance,
  • access control,
  • doorphone systems,
  • video-wall,
  • HVAC …

Partial or complete interaction between systems allows an automated and rapid response in emergencies such as fire and other life-threatening situations where seconds counts. The operator is informed about all events on the unified interface, based on different type of events, he responds in accordance with the instructions for each event. When all security systems and equipment were connected to Alarm-PSIM, you got full advantage from all of them.

Interaction between security systems allows for an automated and rapid response in emergency
cases where life is at risk and seconds count.

The basic module of the ALARM solution, which handles alarm processing. Works as a client-server and communicates with MSSQL database. Also included is a proxy service designed to run on a separate server. The license includes monitoring and processing of up to 1000 accounts. Allows one master operator to handle alarms.

It is an upgrade of the basic version of ALARM, and extends account monitoring up to 65000. Other features are the same as in the module up to 1000 accounts.

Enables to handle alarm events between multiple master operators. Workload is symmetrically divided between operators.

Backup license covers all modules you have installed on the primary server, except that this instance runs on a secondary location. Secondary location is a certified security-control centre by EN50518 standard. All equipment in secondary location is capable of assuming the function of primary location within a specified time. ALARM is made to the highest standards, and all data from the primary and secondary locations are constantly synchronised in real-time with each other and on both sides. A broadband VPN connection is used for synchronisation. The bandwidth requirements are minimal. When the connection between primary and secondary location is broken, all data is stored on both sides and transferred as soon as the connection is restored. Such a system enables you to have all telephone lines in the secondary location available at the primary location at all times.

Translation module takes care about changing event data from receiver into a different account number, event, zone or user number. It should be used in rare cases where it is costs a lot or impossible to change settings on site. It also apply to the case where costumer have alarms installed as telemetry events. It means alarm event can be translated into “door open” or similar event. Events can be also user defined.

Beside default printouts, you can create your own. All data from SQL database is available to you, so with a little knowledge of SQL query’s, you can create unlimited printouts each having its own conditions. Printouts can be exported as HTML file, Excel spreadsheet, TXT CSV file or it can be printed.

Extensive feature module for reporting is one of the most important part of ALARM. Using main and sub-main user defined code-list’s you can create a report based on account, event or even free report. All activities are chronologically saved, without possibility to alter report. Reporting module offers scheduling of report for later actions. After time expired, operator is announced about report expiration and following actions. Reports also have shortcut buttons for field intervention groups, so with a click of a button, operator records actions from the field. Reports are automatically converted to word documents based on templates.

Bulk sending of text messages (SMS) directly to the ISP over internet. No need to use mobile phone to send text.

Possibility to send email’s to customers or employees based on different conditions. Automatically, scheduled, events, reports or printouts.

Connect your ERP with ALARM and take the opportunity of simple invoicing based on contract details entered into ALARM. Works also without integration as stand alone reporting for invoicing.

This module is meant to be used by technicians on the field for maintenance of technical systems. It offers a lot of security features and it works only using VPN. Technical personnel on the field can maintain alarm panels without disturbing operators. Currently there is an Android and Apple mobile application available thru stores.

Connecting to infranet and EMIZON system.

If you offer your monitoring centre to sub-contracted security companies this module is the way to go. Virtualy unlimited accounts can be monitored over many receivers. Account numbers can also be shared between sub-companies and ALARM still recognises right ones.

This module adds PSIM functionality to ALARM base modules. It offers maps, and interaction between security systems.

Each security system is licensed separately. Please ask for aquote. Email us at